We bring Learning to You

We Bring Learning To You


We offer Enrichment Programs for grades Pre-K to 2nd grade. We come to your classroom, after school program or summer camp.

Alphabet In Action


Get moving with creative dance and movement. Learn letters and letter sounds through music and dance. Perfect for Pre-K.

Letter Engineers


Let’s build and learn! Build letters using various objects such as legos, unifix cubes, Wikki sticks and play dough (just to name a few). 

Reading Rock Stars


Where readers are made. Attend reading workshops that focus on rhyming, word families, sight words decide ding and retelling. We will also write our own short stories!

A to Z Artist


Using various art mediums to create a masterpiece. Each session will focus on a letter of the alphabet.

Super Science


Experiment, Predict, Observe oh my! This is perfect for the Little Scientist!